This is a very large Rhea egg with Santa and his reindeer, a tree, presents, and a chipmunk in the scene.  Swarovski crystals are embellished around the egg and within the carved lattice work, as well as within the back window lattice work.    The egg sits on a gold plated stand and a corian base.  $365.00

This large goose egg is embellished with clay and Swarovski crystals making the grapes.  The back is lattice cut, with crystals in the center of each lattice and large crystal on top.   A handmade little vineyard boy is sitting on a barrel of wine with a bottle of wine in his hand, and grapes in the other.  The egg sits on a gold plated stand, and corian base.   $172.00 finished egg.

This hurricane lamp has a large Rhea egg shade and a Goose egg base.  There is wiring, so it runs off batteries (replace at battery pack below corian base), and a 3 volt bulb (replaceable).  Mauve, yellow and purple flowers surround the lamp.  Swarovski multi colored chain surrounds the eggs in three areas.   $590.00 finished egg

The Elegant Hatchery