This goose egg is a great gift for anyone, and can be personalized with their name and address on the envelope in the mailbox.  Inside each egg is a pair of cardinals nesting.      $135.00  (Great to order ahead for employees for a real special gift).  Order an egg kit to make one yourself $110.​

​Aracuana chicken egg lattice.  This egg is naturally a beautiful green tint.  The delicate peach roses with other flowers arranged were chosen to bring the color to fruition.   The row of Swarovski aurore borealis crystals line the front enhance this egg further.  This type is very popular for elderly ladies who have everything with little space available.  $80.00  or an egg kit to make it yourself $65.00.​

The Elegant Hatchery

Goose egg teapot.  This goose egg has ceramic extensions creating this adorable teapot.  The mice are decorating the Christmas tree while the cat is looking in from above.  Holly and Swarovski crystals are decorating the outside of the egg, with snowy glitter gives this egg its sparkle.  Findings are gold plated.  $148.00, or make your own $130.00 per kit.