The Elegant Hatchery

The eggs to the right are my pride and joy.....my memory eggs.   The picture is of my mother.  She loved my eggs.  Prior to her death, I made these, with the large one for her ashes, and the smaller ones for each of her children, (with ashes if they wish).   Each has her birth date, and death date.  My older sister is not into collecting eggs, but when she received hers, she asked for one for my father.   (Which I did.)

My name is Doreen Monahan.   I have been in the art of egging for over twenty years.     I use a variety of designs from real birds shells.  (unfertilized).    I use all types from finch egg (tiny) to ostrich eggs and many in between.  Designs can be made for all types of occasions.  My major season is the Christmas season. 

Most of my eggs are made with Austrian Crystals (Swarovski) and gold plated filigrees and stands.  Some have hand painted designs and or handmade figurines.   I carve my eggs with a high speed dental tool, and most often put figurines inside. 
I have no employees, so eggs are purchased first come first serve, unless ordered.   Pictures of eggs on this website may not be available, but may be used to show an example of type.  It is best to contact me, and ask if a specific one is available.   Most eggs are one of a kind.  Many figurines I can not get again.

I recently moved to Spofford New Hampshire.  My eggs are currently sold at the Keene Historical Society and the Cheshire Jewelry Store in Keene, New Hamphire.  I will also be teaching a class at the Historical Society on Main Street in Keene on December 5th, 2018 making a Goose egg Santa's Sleigh at a very good price.

I do not take credit cards as I am very small.  I will take Pay Pal.