Emu Egg Sleigh.  Handpainted, Gold plated stand full of toys.   Sleigh surrounded with Austrian Crystals.    $445.00 with music box.​

Below: Preiser Skaters on a hinged egg, musical on a gold plated stand. Scenic background.  Not in stock currently.  $180.00  Skaters may vary.

  • ​​​Would you like to try and make an egg? Join with some friends and have a day to make a special gift and spend quality time together.  

Left: Goose egg with a gingerbread scene with candies and gingerbread boy in the top portion.  The bottom has a horse and sleigh passing a house in the background.   Swarovski crystals variety of colors surrounding the top oval.  Red crystals in the center divider. Crystals on the top and bottom of both eggs. $145.00.

​Right: Goose eggs, carved with dogs bones and dog bowl on the front, Swarovski crystals, and your choice of dog on the inside.  Stands may vary. Not in stock. 

  Within this website there are eggs I have made, but  eggs can also be made to order. 

Hanging ornament eggs are popular as well as the ones with permanent stands which can be shown year around.

Prices vary depending upon crystals/supplies used, and amount of work involved.    

 These are unique one of a kind hand made gifts for any occasion, made from real bird shells.  Carved and decorated with Swarovski crystals.

These cute little bunnies are each holding a Bob White Quail egg.  The quail eggs are decorated with a variety of caned flowers, a fine gold braid and splashes of Swarovski crystals.  Each egg is carved and glittered to bring attention to their prize.    One bunny with an egg $52.00.  Or make one yourself  $44.00 per kit.

 Egg kits are available for certain eggs.  Please inquire.  I would supply a cut egg, instructions, picture, and all the supplies going into the eggs, except adhesives, caulking if needed, and the tools.  Please ask about regular egging tools, as I can send you a list. ( Most are what you may already have on hand.)

The Elegant Hatchery